What is Digital Hotel?

Digital Hotel provides easy to access, easy to manage digital versions of your guest information or hotel compendium. Using an online platform, we upload all of your guest information, follow the consistencies of your hotel’s branding guidelines and offer you an efficient, tidy, online space for your guests’ convenience.

When you use Digital Hotels, all your guests have to do is scan a QR code in their room using their own device. Upon doing so, they are taken to your own custom built digital version of your hotel compendium.

How does Digital Hotel work?

Setting up your hotel compendium with Digital Hotel requires absolutely no hardware costs and the process is simple. Our onboarding process involves:

  • creating your online dashboard based on your hotel brand
  • graphic design assistance with A7 tent cards for rooms
  • training and support for future usage
  • an option for extra services; including writing assistance

We take care of the technical parts that you don’t need to worry about, and let you concentrate on learning the things that will help you maximise the potential of your platform moving forwards!

Once you’re all set up with Digital Hotel, the platform really takes care of itself! Unlike other companies, our systems are simple, allowing us to complete the onboarding process fast. Once we hand over your product, you’re fully informed about how to use it. No more printing and no more manually updating your hotel compendium booklets, with Digital Hotels, future updates take a matter of seconds.

Case study: Berri Hotel

Digital Hotel supplies the Berri Hotel – in South Australia’s Riverland region – with a digital hotel compendium. Initially onboarding the hotel at the beginning of 2021, Berri Hotel has fully embraced the newest digital element of its hotel operations. However, unlike many other technological aspects of their hotel, General Manager Jeremy Sweet explained how easy to use Digital Hotel really is:

“Usually this is the kind of product that I would expect only large hotel chains to use, however Digital Hotel really surprised us. The price was very affordable for us and the ease at which we can change our information – whether that’s on the bistro menu or within the guest information pack – is great. You don’t need to be a technology-minded person to use Digital Hotels because the platform is really easy to use. 

Jeremy Sweet, General Manager 


Mobile and tablet friendly

Digital Hotel is accessible by guests on phones as well as tablets. Simply scanning the QR provided on small tent cards for hotel rooms, guests can access a simple menu, where they can then choose from a list of options. An example of Berri Hotel’s mobile-friendly version is found to the left of this text. General Manager Jeremy explained how the platform had improved the image of professionalism at Berri Hotel:

“Everything just looks a lot neater now as well. There’s no way around it, when you use actual paper, things start looking a bit messy after a while. Now that we use Digital Hotel we have an always-tidy and very user-friendly way of informing our guests. It makes us look really streamlined and professional as a brand too, which is a great thing that we didn’t really consider when we decided to make the switch.”

Simple design

What makes Digital Hotel really stand out, is that it is no more complicated than it needs to be. The company believes that simple solutions are the ones which fix problems the best. Therefore, the layout has been designed to be sleek yet accessible to anyone who needs to interact with it (both guests and staff members included).

Sustainability initiatives

Of course another clear benefit of Digital Hotel is the environmental benefit it brings. Whilst only addressing one issue within the plethora of sustainability issues – paper waste -the platforms allows for hotels to cut back on the copious sheets of paper used each year. Jeremy explained:

“We also really wanted to use Digital Hotels because as a hotel in the heart of a beautiful, nature-rich region, we wanted to start implementing some more sustainable initiatives and to support the environment in which we live. Digital Hotel is one of the things that has really helped us do that. The amount of paper we will save in a year will be truly significant.” 

Digital Hotel in the restaurant

From the comfort of their rooms, guests can also use Digital Hotel to check out the menu at your restaurant. Able to hold any information that your business deems necessary, typical usage for a hotel restaurant includes descriptions of the dining venues on site, opening times and menu information. You may even be interesting in removing paper from your restaurant too. By directing diners to your digital platform using a QR code placed conveniently on their table, not only your rooms but also your restaurant can embrace a paper-free policy.

Contact Digital Hotels and make the switch today!

Switching to Digital Hotel is easy, and what comes afterwards will see you saving not only time but money and resources. Modernise your hotel compendium and keep up with technological developments in the hotel industry, the easiest way you know how.

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