Does your hotel currently offer a physical hotel compendium booklet? Whether it does or it doesn’t, this article is for you. Read on to discover the six main benefits to going digital with your hotel information, using Digital Hotel. 

Communication is vital to servicing guests. Upon check-in, during a stay and upon check-out, there is a great deal of information that guests require in order to make their stay successful. It’s therefore no surprise that hotel information (or guest compendiums) often in the form of booklets, is common in hotel rooms across the world. Your hotel information offers guests clear instructions as well as tips and tricks which might help to transform their stay from a standard night in a hotel, into a positive holiday or guest experience.

Hotel compendiums have evolved and adapted over the years with the emergence of new technologies. Whilst having a physical copy of your hotel information might look nice in the room or convey a personal touch, today, the benefits of a digital compendium far outweigh those of a physical one.

What is Digital Hotel?

With Digital Hotel, your guests simply scan a QR code in their rooms and access all sorts of hotel information via their own device. This can include instructions regarding check-out, room information, guides or local tips and tricks and even menus for room service.

In this article, we help you fully understand the benefits of implementing a digital guest compendium at your hotel and outlines the clear benefits of choosing Digital Hotel as your company of choice.

1. Digital Hotel is far cheaper than its competitors.

Unlike other digital compendium providers, Digital Hotel makes the whole process extremely simple. Not only does this offer a seamless and stress-free experience for your hotel as well as guests, but it means the cost is much lower than our competitors. No lock-in contract required, the following costs can be expected with Digital Hotel (AUD):

o to 10 rooms: $39.95/month AUD
11 to 25 rooms: $49.95/month AUD
26 to 49 rooms: $59.95/month AUD
50 rooms and above: $69.95/month AUD

For this price, hotels can expect to receive the following set-up services as well as ongoing maintenance to their hotel compendium:

  • Onboarding processes
  • Online dashboard set-up, using your hotel’s unique branding
  • Graphic designer assists with the creation of an A7 tend card
  • Access to our already established compendium template
  • Training support documents to help you with future maintenance
  • Future support with your digital guest compendium

Your hotel can also choose to work with Digital Hotel on the:

  • Printing of A7 tent cards
  • Discount on wooden base with acrylic frames to display – these present nicely!
  • Writing of a concise, well-written and informative digital compendium

Digital Hotel is currently offering new hotels a promotional offer for set-up at $99 ex GST. To take advantage of this deal before it’s gone, please contact us. 

2. Set-up is easy and stress-free.

As previously explained, our initial setting up process includes; the creation of an online dashboard based on your hotel’s branding, graphic design assistance with A7 tent cards for your hotel rooms, training support and the option for extra services.

Digital Hotel takes care of the setting up process, pulling you in and training you on processes that are pertinent to your future usage of the compendium, but taking care of the technical parts that you don’t need to worry about. Unlike other companies, our systems are simple, allowing us to complete the onboarding process fast.

3. We keep you up-to-date with trends.

In 2023, we are no strangers to the fact that digital advancement is a natural part of business development. Projections overwhelming suggest that technology will only increasingly play a part in our everyday lives.

Working with a digital guest compendium can help your hotel to stand out amongst the crowd. However most importantly, seamless digital integration at your hotel helps to make guest stay’s effortless and convenient. Hotels also have the option to upload their restaurant menu to their dashboard, as well as any other information they want to put into their guests’ hands.

It is also worth mentioning the rate at which Covid-19 has brought about adoption of technology. With state and national guidelines enforcing particular rules for the hospitality industry, ‘going digital’ has become a solution in many cases. Technology has had a large role in the Covid-19 recovery, and will continue into the future.

4. Your hotel receives a digital makeover and strengthens its brand.

Not only is digitalisation generally convenient for guests, but a digital guest compendium can help to strengthen your brand. Our graphic designers work on your guest compendium, integrating your own brand into our already established templates and creating an appealing, user-friendly platform for guests. This is complimented with an A7 size tent card – with a QR code –  for your hotel rooms. These can also be designed in line with your hotel’s branding guidelines. 

A guest compendium that seamlessly matches your website, marketing material and hotel as a whole, can be a great complement to your overall hotel image!

5. Waste paper is reduced.

As a hotel, considering your impact on the planet is – or should be – on your radar in 2021. When using paper guest compendiums, small changes to your hotel’s general information can result in mass reprinting. 

Avoiding the constant reprinting of guest information is one way in which you can reduce your paper waste and any unnecessary use of resources. Not only does lessening paper waste contribute towards your hotel’s sustainability goals, but also appeals to those environmentally-conscious guests who will be appreciative of your efforts.

6. It’s low maintenance and time-effective.

Your hotel information can be at your guests’ fingertips with the help of Digital Hotel, but more than that, it’s also extremely time-effective for you as a hotel owner. Simple to use and easy to manage, as soon as you have changes to make to your services, you will be able to edit your compendium in no time!

Updates to the compendium are made online using your own login details, and updates are instant. Plus, these updates can be easily managed by any of your team members. No more paper, printing and time-wasting – manual work is taken away with your new online platform.

Craft your own guest compendium with Digital Hotel 

If you’d like a little more information about Digital Hotel, or you’d like to enquire about our services, please contact us! 


Ready to sign up?

Step 1. Contact us for info, a digital supply agreement will be emailed to you for execution.  An invoice of $99.00 will also be sent for the initial setup.

Step 2. We will then email you and request your logo, brand colours .

Once we have this, we will also get your in-room tent card artwork design ( at no no cost) and get this back to you for printing at your local printer or help you buy the wooden display frames or show you alternative printing options.

Step 3. Once above is all complete we will provide you the login details, user guide and a video tutorial on how to use. Plus we can jump on a call to run through if you need any help at all.

Step 4. Get the in-room tent cards in the room and you’re away.